We have been protecting your home since 1965


The PELLEGRINO family is a family of Italian origins and craftsmen with a long tradition. Founded in Ravenna in 1965 from the dream of its young founder, Pellegrino di Pellegrino Domenico put down the solid roots of what would later become the current Pellegrino S.r.l., a successful company that today boasts more than 50 years of experience in production and installation in various sectors. In Ravenna an institution! The professional philosophy of its founder remains unchanged over time, handed down from father to son, up to today’s third generation and looking forward to future generations.

Following repeated requests from a customer, in 1995 his son Marco took on his first experience in designing and installing flood protection. This first order was followed by many others, thanks also to the problems of the Ravenna area, such as the phenomenon of subsidence and flooding from the sea.

But the turning point is when local administrations decide to make the barriers mandatory in advance. This is an important moment for the company: the certificates of the barriers do not meet the dimensions provided and the promised water tightness. Suppliers do not answer technical questions and are not even aware of the problems of compartment geometry.

From this the push towards a new direction, that of designing a new barrier, with an easy but effective system, more performing. Hours and hours of work in the workshop to arrive at the first patent, crowned by the first Giordano Institute Certification.

A lot of water has passed since then… but under the bridge.


Many bulkheads can be found on the market without certification or with mere quality claims, because they have not passed leak tests.

Our ethics dictate that we only supply safe and certified products. We are the only manufacturer to have certified and patented our anti-flooding systems for sizes up to 5 metres in length in a single bulkhead.

The seal certification guarantees that the anti-flooding system, expertly installed, limits damage and has no significant water passage.

We are a manufacturer of Patented and Certified Flood Barriers and Bulkheads.