CLICK RAPID Barriera Antiallagamento Paratia

The CLICK flood barrier is quick, practical and handy: it can be deployed in 2 seconds!
The CLICK barrier is patented and certified to ensure reliability and high performance. Ideal for protecting doors and entrances from flooding. The anti-flooding barrier’s ingenious CLICK BLOCK system is designed for convenient insertion, and the corner profiles attached to the sides ensure its excellent hold.

Height up to 140 cm
Width up to 490 cm

MODERNA RAPID Barriera Antiallagamento Paratia

The MODERNA anti-floodng barrier is frameless, adaptable, innovative and durable. The bulkhead, thanks to the innovative patent, is made without side profiles compressible without hard snap and easily positioned with minimum effort. It is ideal for protecting entrances to homes, businesses and historic buildings. without affecting the aesthetics. The MODERNA barrier is also equipped with a self-locking closure and removable handle.

Height up to 100 cm
Width up to 275 cm

immagine MODI barriera anti allagamento

The MODERNA CUT DIY flood bulkhead is without side profiles, reliable, innovative and durable. The professional DIY flood barrier: take measurements to fit the bulkhead and cut it at the installation site. The MODERNA CUT bulkhead comes with an optional top handle and removable handle. Ideal for protecting entrances to homes, garages and businesses in case of urgent weather emergencies.

Height up to 100 cm
Width up to 275 cm

Porta Antiallagamento RAPID Close

The CLOSE anti-flood fast-opening door for complete protection against water. Get maximum security with CLOSE water barriers for vertical doors and entrances. Available with a closable threshold profile, driveway and adapted to disabled regulations. Learn all about our reliable and effective door solution with standard internal opening and both internal and external opening on request.

Height up to 240 cm
Width up to 195 cm

Porte e Finestre Antiallagamento RAPID FULL

The FULL integral barrier that completely closes off your entrances to protect doors and windows from flooding. Available for doors → FULL-D, for windows → FULL-W and for under-grid vents → FULL-G. Completely secure your property entrances against flooding with full and complete closure of FULL flood barriers for doors, windows and horizontal entrances.

Height up to 240 cm
Width up to 125 cm

Height up to 100 cm
Width up to 205 cm

Barriera paratia antiallagamento GATE

The GATE anti-flooding barrier with quick single swing opening. The lightweight and durable water barrier that wasn’t there for instant security against flooding. The GATE flood barrier is equipped with upper handles for an eventual removal of the shutter and with threshold profile adapted to be the most inclusive possible for people with movement difficulties.

Height up to 140 cm
Width up to 305 cm

immagine MODI barriera anti allagamento

The MOD anti-flooding barrier is modular and stackable, robust solution for garages, industry and warehouses. Ideal for protecting high and narrow entrances, preferring the ease and lightness of inserting MOD barrier modules. The usual storage during the period of non-use on brackets allows not to clutter the supporting wall. The MOD anti-flooding panel composed of stackable slats can also be locked with padlocks to prevent unwanted removal.

Height up to 140 cm
Width up to 300 cm

immagine MODU barriera anti allagamento

The MODU flood barrier is stackable and modular, providing excellent performance for heavy duty, industry, warehouses, and subways. The MODU bulkhead is durable, versatile, quick and easy to maneuver, and can be locked with a padlock. Ideal for protecting underground garages, port areas, canals, waterways and entrances subject to flooding. The MODU anti-flooding panel is a true embankment composed of stackable slats, the perfect ally in emergency situations.

Height up to 200 cm
Width up to 350 cm

Chiudi Prese

Don’t get caught unprepared, having your electrical system fail as a result of flooding is a problem rarely thought of when taking action against flood hazards. Protect your property’s electrical system with anti-flood socket closers.

Chiudi Sanitari

Flood safety devices to protect buildings from outside are essential. However, flooding can break into groundwater and sewers, back up pipes and flood buildings from the inside often bringing more damage than flooding from the outside, so don’t underestimate the risk. Protect your properties from the inside with sanitary ware closers.

Tappi ad Espansione Lucchettabili contro gli allagamenti

For complete protection against flooding, expansion plugs are also available to close off access to vents so you don’t get caught off guard. Protect your property’s ventilation system with lockable expansion plugs from flood control devices.

RAPID Flood Barriers
Certified By The Giordano Institute

Discover RAPID products catalog of patented and certified bulkhead flood barriers, your protection from flooding with quality, safety, ergonomic, and ease of use features.

barriere e paratie antiallagamento certificate dall'istituto giordano con certificazione di conformità del prodotto

Applications of RAPID Barriers
Certified Flood Control Devices

Residential Buildings
Business Activities
Industrial Companies
Historical Buildings

Floodproof bulkheads are innovative and functional barriers designed to protect building interiors from flooding and water damage. Mobile flood bulkheads are installed in front of entrances to at-risk structures, such as homes, offices and warehouses, providing reliable protection against water. Thanks to a flexible and waterproof gasket system, water is kept away from the interiors.

Flood barriers are custom-made to perfectly fit the size and specifications of the entrances it is to protect. Bulkheads are innovative and functional anti-flooding solutions designed to protect building interiors from flooding and water damage. This ensures an optimal seal and effective protection against flooding.

The bulkheads are easy to install and activate, allowing users to use them quickly and effortlessly thanks to gaskets that provide an optimal seal. Made from advanced materials, these barriers are strong, durable and adaptable to different types of entrances, making them a versatile solution for residential and commercial environments.

Flood barriers can be customized to fit different types of doors and openings. They can cover different sizes, from house doors to larger garages and warehouses. Bulkhead sizes can vary widely to fit different types of openings and specific requirements. They can be designed to cover almost any size needed, from standard house and store doors to large warehouse and garage openings.