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INFO for each Barrier: Height, Width, Colour, Conditions of Compartment.


In order to evaluate the best solution for you, we need to view the photos of your accesses. Two photos are required for each access: one for the inside and one for the outside. Attention, the form only supports files in jpg / png / pdf format with a maximum size of 2MB


Indicate the width of the compartment to be covered, considering the wall-to-wall measurement. Report the presence of any trims, protrusions or out of square in the notes. The width must be expressed in cm, the use of 1 decimal after the comma is allowed.


The height of our barriers is modular and varies in multiples of 20 cm.
Indicate the height required by your technical office, or the desired one from those available.

Available Colours

The barriers are supplied as standard with ARS1 andic oxidation treatment in silver, natural aluminum, but you can choose from a wide range of colors available to make your barrier unique and integrate it in the best possible way in your architecture.