MODERNA Compression is a patented high performance barrier.

The research in materials, the care in manufacturing and the attention towards the aesthetic aspect make the MODERNA BARRIER extremely pleasant and discreet without renouncing to reliability and resistance.

The ideal PRESSURE barrier for the protection of doors, garages, commercial activities and all kinds of accesses.

  • MODERNA – Width: Available up to 2.25 meters in a single panel

  • MODERNA – Protection height: Modular up to 1.2 meters

  • MODERNA PLUS – Width: Available up to 3.05 meters in a single panel

  • MODERNA PLUS – Protection height: Modular up to 1.6 meters

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum

  • Gaskets/Seals: wear resistant, for rainwater or sea/saltwater

  • No installation works are required.

  • Press-fit mechanism is ‘softer’ to thermal building coats


The system has a self-locking closure and a removable locking handle.

The innovative system allows the barrier to be applied with less effort.

It does not require installation work, masonry, permanent fixing systems and application of side profiles, in case of support with an adequate window frame or with a 2 cm protruding frame.

if supported on a suitable window or frame projecting by 2 cm.


Quick and easy to install, light and easy to handle. No installation works are required. Custom-Made to adapt to the dimensions of the opening, for orthogonal or non-orthogonal compartment. The press-fit mechanism is “softer” to building thermal coats.

The MODERNA barrier is made of anodized aluminum, the smooth slat without gaps allows for proper cleaning.


The MODERNA Barrier is covered by 4 patents. .

  • Patented

Additional PLUS:

LACK OF ORTHOGONALITY. The lack of perpendicularity of 4 mm is adjusted vertically on both sides, offering us the possibility of manufacturing slightly trapezoidal barriers, without increasing the pressure effort on either side.

CLOSE PADLOCK. The Close Padlock is not protruding, it is not exposed to flooding and the padlock remains protected under the top handle.

ERGONOMIC.  The patented kinematics allows not to widen the barrier and then shrink and therefore it is applied with less effort, even in the highest dimensions.

The handle has an ergonomic grip and is softer to ladies, providing support, safety and strength.

The barrier can be opened both from the inside and the outside.

CLOSING SYSTEM.  It is applied with little effort and does not release when pressed from the inside.

SAFETY.  The padlock is screwed with safety screw, in order not to be evaded by the drill.

There is NO longer any risk of crushing your fingers. The hook protects against crushing in the hinge area. Safety for the most careless: the hinge has been designed not to pinch fingers when handled.

SEALS.    The horizontal gasket is intact and uncut.

The rectangular gaskets allow a lateral compression support and a better water sealing of water and its pressures.

Special “Pins” allow an adequate compression of the horizontal seal.

FUNCTIONAL.  An extra optional handle, supplied on request, can only be external and removable.

STURDY.    Stronger and better performing hinge.

MODERNA “PLUS”, a system with the same dimensions in the compartment, but for a stronger and wider barrier.

PRICE.  You can save money on installation.


MODERNA Flood Barrier limits damage resulting from flooding by:

Residential Buildings
Business Activities
Historical Buildings
Manufacturing Activities

Protect yourself from flooding with RAPID MODERNA!