The stackable anti-flood Barrier, perfect for every situation!

RAPID MODI is a high-performance stackable bulkhead barrier.

Research into materials, care in manufacturing and attention to aesthetics make the RAPID MODI stackable Flood Barrier bulkhead an extremely attractive and discreet solution, without sacrificing reliability and resistance.

The ideal barrier for protecting doors, commercial activities and all types of access.

Its characteristics make it particularly suitable for entrances subject to flooding: underground garages, underground shopping centres, roadside shops, companies and institution doors, underground entrances, main entrances and exits of nuclear power stations, main entrances and exits of hydroelectric power stations, tunnel entrances and exits, etc…

  • Width:  Available up to 3.0 meters in a single element

  • Height: Modular up to 2 meters

  • Material: Anodized Aluminum

  • Seals: Low aging elastomer

  • 1 person can complete the installation or removal process in 5-10 min.


Its stackable 20 cm high and 3.9 cm thick elements, thanks to their low weight, allow for easy handling and very quick assembly times.

For barriers with a height of more than 140 cm and a width of more than 190 cm, a support column is provided for insertion in a special well.

Modular in height, the RAPID MODI barrier allows the height of the barrier to be adjusted according to the height of the flooding, to allow it to be climbed over. Ideal for covering accesses to shops, services and activities open to the public during flooding.

Thanks to special posts that allow us to join several sections together, we can completely enclose a house or warehouse, but also create kilometre-long embankments.

    Suitable for every situation

    Its extreme versatility makes this bulkhead ideal for covering doors, garages and gates.

    It can also be used to create a permanent perimeter anti-flooding system, which can be integrated with the Rapid barrier to cover access when needed.


    The use of the CLICK RAPID Anti- flooding Barrier limits the damage caused by flooding in:

    Residential buildings
    Commercial activities
    Historical buildings
    Industrial Facilities
    Territorial Protections

    Protect yourself from flooding with RAPID!